NOVA’s first exhibition for 2014/15 season

Some Things I Can't ExplainPositive ID: Bodies and Subjectivities in Photography

The first exhibition of NOVA’s 2014/15 season, Positive ID will be on view August 26 – September 26, 2014, featuring twelve emerging photographers from across the country. This exhibition promotes the education of students in our Art and Art History programs, and particularly those pursuing our Associates in Photography degree. The exhibition’s theme is a relevant, current topic of international contemporary art as well as offer instructors and students across the campus a learning platform for topics in gender studies, colonial studies, LGBT studies, immigration and social politics.

Body art, performativity, identity, subjectivity. Since the 1980s when pluralism opened the stage to a multitude of other artistic voices, and the 1990s when the global emphasis in art grew exponentially, the resonances of identity politics in the use of the body fueled curatorial interest as well as provided a subject for the rapidly changing media of video and photography. The body’s strategic use of disruption and estrangement, coupled with its presence within the photograph’s innate “realism,” strips the spectator of their complacency. Whether under the artist’s directorial vision, or by control over the depiction of their own body, the subjectivities created in the space of the photograph interrupt the viewer’s critical awareness in order to rethink gender, sexuality, representation, and the hierarchies of power in society and in the history of art itself.