Rahshia Sawyer 2020

Rahshia Sawyer is a creative professional and third-culture individual based in the Washington DC area.


She is the Head Experience Designer for Data Ethics and Privacy at Capital One, focusing on the intersection of consumer rights, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

As a professor at George Mason University, she teaches the nuances of photography and visual communications.

Her passion is finding beauty. As an internationally recognized photographer, she examines Resilience, analyzing the balanced (or imbalanced) relationship between beauty, chaos, and vulnerability as an anchor to our humanity.

About This Project

We try to repress feelings of past (traumatic) events, putting them aside to go on with our lives. These events inform our identities, they are unseen and sometimes forgotten, yet the feelings stay with you — they mold you. Becoming an unwanted friend. A friend who tangles you within a (suffocating) cocoon of emotion. These feelings do not need to govern you. When a (un)invited reconciliation is extended, it is a plea to untangle ourselves — a plea to be resilient.

This work signifies a settlement with our identity. Each composition is selected to be neutral, the sliver of space between ascending and descending. Representing the singular struggle with our emotions — an experience we all share.

Prints available in:
Archival inkjet prints 20” x 30” Limited edition of 12
Archival inkjet prints 8” x 10” Limited edition of 25