Rahshia Sawyer 2020

Rahshia Sawyer is a creative professional based in the Washington DC area.


She teaches undergraduate and graduate students the nuances of photography at George Mason University.  The Head of Privacy and Data Ethics Design at Capital Onee, she focuses on the intersection of humanity and data privacy. As an internationally recognized photographer, she is active in the art world, presenting her work on resilience, where she examines the balanced (or imbalanced) relationship between beauty and chaos.

About This Project

I often try to organize my memories, feelings, and facts into a specific narrative, but a satisfactory description eludes me. I add and subtract, rearranging my viewpoint, trying to find the one translation, the one true combination that will explain why I am the way that I am. But each question contradicts the next — negating the latter, leading me in a circular inquiry. The unorganized sequence, with the beginning and end, shuffled and presented at once. There is no progression, no build-up – just the image waiting to be seen, akin to Laurie Fendrich’s “quiet space” for abstract painting.

Prints available in:
Archival inkjet prints 20” x 30” Limited edition of 12
Archival inkjet prints 8” x 10” Limited edition of 25