Rahshia Sawyer 2020

Rahshia Sawyer is a creative professional and third-culture individual based in the Washington DC area.


She is the Head Experience Designer for Data Ethics and Privacy at Capital One, focusing on the intersection of consumer rights, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

As a professor at George Mason University, she teaches the nuances of photography and visual communications.

Her passion is finding beauty. As an internationally recognized photographer, she examines Resilience, analyzing the balanced (or imbalanced) relationship between beauty, chaos, and vulnerability as an anchor to our humanity.


What I Haven't Told You



About This Project


How others perceive us unknowingly causes us to judge ourselves. With an unconscious desire to belong, we alter ourselves, deciding what is acceptable and not to present to the world. Over time we unconsciously disown parts of ourselves in order to belong.

This disownment causes an emotional conflict. As we suppress our unwanted characteristics, not only do they persist, but they amplify. Until they become the loudest thing that we emote, and cannot hear. This overpowers others as they can only hear what we are trying to suppress. And they begin to speak softly – so softly that we can no longer belong.

This series shows the disagreements between our emotions and the paradox as it appropriates the figure

Prints available in:

Archival inkjet 30” x 30” Limited edition of 12
Archival inkjet 10” x 10” Limited edition of 25