Some Things I Can’t Explain 2014


Some Things I Can’t Explain

In the midst of life-changing events, questions inevitably arise:
“Will things ever be normal again?”
“When will things settle down?”

These inquiries reflect a sense of disconnection from oneself and one’s environment. The cocoon of reality is broken. Once we glimpse our construct of reality, the urge to retreat is instinctual. Our natural sense of security has us believing that we are in control of our bodies and environment, and that entropy does not apply. A break in this reality is an opportunity to see past its smooth façade, past the illusion of control and permanence, allowing individuals to examine the principles that govern mind and behavior.

Glimpses of “the way things are” escape despite the struggle to maintain the pretense, keeping the tantalizing vision of hope real. Seeing past that veil reveals the fragility of being alive, the simultaneous fear and freedom of understanding that tomorrow is not promised.

The installation creates a daedalean journey one experiences when life is tragically interrupted. The figurative floating silk panels dwarf the viewer, recreating their singular emotional struggle with loss — an experience we all share.